Thursday, November 25, 2010

no traditions yet

Last year we didn't leave our house, guests and the food came to us. This year we were the guests at other people's house and the food was already there.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Living Life in the city

It has been far too long since I blogged, but I have a good excuse... we moved into Pittsburgh proper and have been busy ever since. This is what I imagined our life would be like when we moved to Pittsburgh, and it is absolutely wonderful. It's a cool little neighborhood on the east side with lots of old brick houses, and tons of trees.

After some hiccups getting the kid into a new school, she is settling in quite nicely. From what I can tell the kids mostly are interested in learning and the teachers spend less time yelling and breaking up fights and more time teaching. She's made some friends, and the best part is she gets a bus pass for the Pittsburgh Public Transit system, which means she also has some self mobility on the weekends.

The kid and I have started doing yoga at a friend's local yoga studio and loving it. There are sidewalks for walking; although the dog does prefer her grassy yard to walking, but sometimes we manage to drag her out.

A few of my friends are within a mile and it's been nice to spend more time being social (I became a bit of a recluse living all the way out in the woods).

The husband LOVES his garage and his commute and since "his girls" are both much happier being in the city it just makes his life easier.

Our landlord left behind a garden, and we enjoyed the bounty for the remainder of the season.

I just can't say enough good stuff about it. Oh yeah... and we have an actual guest room, so feel free to come visit, and hang with us on our fabulous porch.