Thursday, May 28, 2009

eating my way through Pittsburgh

My friend Monica is very particular about the food people choose to eat; for the most part she herself eats healthy, fresh food; and she was asking me about the delicacies or specialties that one might find in Pittsburgh... I explained that restaurants usually serve salads topped with fries, and sometimes even sandwiches come with fries on top. About an hour after this conversation I received the following link from her. I am pretty sure she will be expecting reports back about each of these establishments.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am prone

Ever since arriving back here in Seattle, I admit to being slightly bummed out. I was happy to be reunited with my family, I missed them a lot, and we’ve even had a few superbly sunny days… but still I have been somewhat blue. I couldn't figure it out… until today.

I think I am suffering Post Pittsburgh blues!! Oh yes I did! The experience of being there, where the future lies for my family, was so thrilling. I can’t wait to start settling in, and coming back to the Pacific NW was a reminder that I do have to wait, must have patience.

But there are still things to do to prepare: along with some serious purging, I also packed three boxes the day I came home! I will wait, and be happy knowing that each sunset is a sunrise closer to the day we depart on our big adventure moving from the Emerald City to Iron City; and I better get busy being as prepared as possible.

“He that can have Patience, can have what he will” Benjamin Franklin

Sunday, May 10, 2009

here, there, and everywhere

I awoke to a cup of coffee and oatmeal with my Uncle Bernhard (no one around here pronounces his name correctly either), at the butt crack of dawn. After some lovely morning chatter I headed off to spend a moment with Jeremy and start a new tradition for Mother's Day (breakfast at Ruthie's in Ligonier). After some tasty bacon, and perfect over hard eggs (yolks not broken, way to go Ruthie's), I headed into Braddock to meet Jenny and her peeps. It was a lovely day with the sun in and out behind the clouds, and I found the three gals making the most of the day: digging up the vacant lot next door. Diligently preparing the ground for a garden to grow all the makings of salsa and pasta sauce (a gal after my own heart). It was nice chatting, and having the chance to make two more friends. I am looking forward to having them over for enchiladas (they are all craving decent Mexican, and Michael makes a mean pan of chicken enchiladas) when we have completed the move and start to settle in.

After feeling like a lunp of uselessness (I wasn't exactly dressed for hard labor), I headed into the city to meet my other new friend, Michael (cause just what I need is one more of those in my life) who promptly showed my that P*brgh has decent local coffee (they even had coconut syrup!). After briefly sitting, sipping, and giving cliff notes on our lives, he, ever so graciously, offered to give me the delux private tour of where to and where not: beginning in Shady Side, a quick jaunt along Liberty Ave then back south through Squirrel Hill, a jump on the East Parkway to Mt. Washington over to the North Shore and back again to Shady Side; a true gentleman.

It was a lovely day exploring, and I am can't wait to get here permanently and do some more of the same. It was a lot, but so worth the plethora of information intake.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


In approximatly two hours I will land in Pittsburgh, something I've done before. Only this time I arrive with the knowledge that two months from now I will be calling it home.

In a way I have left home for the last time only to arrive home. Seattle is no longer home, but merely where I reside temporarily.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

remember so and so?

Tonight I watched what might be the last Scrubs episode, I'm not sure. Apparently the main character is leaving his position at the hospital and as anyone who is familiar with the show knows: JD has an absurd amount of internal dialogue about his feelings, his relationships... his blah...blah..blah, and this episode was no different. I also have a fantastic amount of internal dialoge and begin to wonder...

This isn't the first job I've ever left. Up until recently I had hung on to one or two obligatory goodbye cards (thank heavens for purging), I even got a cake party in the lunchroom once... but I must admit... this feels different. One I'm not just leaving a job, I'm leaving my whole life behind. It's not like I can still meet up with these folk for lunch, or happy hour.

To be honest the last three years (while in my current position) have been challenging years: there was an intensly negative interaction with a coworker in the first six months; three months later I was in a serious car accident that in someways felt nearly fatal, and last but not least my amazingly aimable child hit puberty and was no longer so aimable. Of course this had a profound impact on who I was at work. I wonder will they be glad to be rid of the (self proclaimed)crazy lady? or will they miss the over zealous laughter, the super chatty me? will they notice the absence of my contribution?

I "gave notice" somewhat early (like nearly five months) as the gossip mill around shop is like none other I've experienced. I was worried it would get back to certain people before I had a chance to notify them, and moving out of state with no job to move for isn't something you plan in two weeks. Frankly it was getting difficult pretending I didn't have yet another ginormous event going on after hours. Recently I've also started to inform external contacts, in part because next week will be my last chance to see them at the work conference. Of course they are always so polite and kind with their responses; I have no reason to think internal collegues will be any different, but it's hard not to question... are the people I am going to miss going to miss me? I hope that despite the fact I have been somewhat of a drama queen for three years - I have mattered in a way that in seven months someone will remark, "it's just not the same", and mean it in a kind sweet way. That in the absence of my voice, and laughter the silence will be apperent and loathed. Maybe even Larry will long to hear me sing my "Larry, Larry" ditty.

Then again... who among us doesn't hope we matter? to someone? maybe even just one someone?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

not a girl scout thing

I am headed , solo style, to the 'Burgh on Saturday for a lil' look see and what have you, before I continue on to a work conference in DC.

Initially the huz was going with me so we could check it out together, but plans change, life happens.... now I am headed east on my own. I admit to being a little happy about the chance to see my new home through my own eyes; the guy has a tattoo of the area code on his leg for cryin' out lawd. What little I've seen is from the point of a passenger driving along I-376 on our way to Ligonier, PA; and the one night at Station Square with a trip up the Monongahela Incline.

The idea of driving 'round random neighborhoods with no paticular destination, no choice but to take a route I know nothing about is enchanting. There are "paths" we travel in Seattle so often that when Michael is in the driver's seat I can close my eyes and envision exactly where we are along the way.
to be able to go here, there, everywhere, anywhere, nowhere