Monday, September 10, 2012

there's an app for that...

I love this city, and I love that other people love this city... so much that there seems to be an explosion of apps for exactly those kind of people....

this is a translator for you non-yinzer speakin' types

I'm not sure - I have yet to download this one. 

and of course anything that involves photos - GOTTA LOVE THAT!  Below are  some of my examples...
Poppy and the Incline in the Twilight Zone

Dippy at Presque Isle

Poppy sure would love to get her hands on a Primanti Bros. sandwich

Monday, September 3, 2012

what with the who where the why? when?

in my head this was yesterday:
Manitou Springs High School Gradation (I'm next to the person in white with shades) 1992

in reality this was yesterday:
My cousin's high school graduation 2012

tomorrow is the first day of my daughter's yesterday.