Sunday, June 8, 2014

exactly six months in...

... to forty. 40. 4-tay. 

a drop in the bucket of the first six months of each of the previous 39 years. some of which I tried to capture on instagram via a photo a day for the 39 days leading up to my 40th.

#fortytoforty the first twelve days
a good collection of pondering looks in this set
here, there, and everywhere
me and some ladies who are very dear to me
and these 39 photos are just a drop in the bucket of the photographs I have accumulated over this life, often with camera in hand (mostly now my phone/camera/radio/news//////) of myself, my family, friends, moments and memories.

I am grateful for this hobby it reminds me of all that has come before these last six months; despite life not always being easy - my life has been rich with friendship, ripe with fun, and most of all love. For me these photographs remind me I am valued, and I am valuable.

To this day Im not fully certain of what my purpose is in this life... maybe it is just to love the people who have loved me. I am pretty good at that. It's possible that in the next 30+ years I have an A-HA moment about my purpose. Regardless I will continue to be grateful for all the love I have been shown and I will do my best to pay it forward.

Technically still 39 in this first photo:

This one was taken later that day after the time at which I was officially born: