Sunday, January 31, 2016

reaping what I have sewn

I have a refrain in my head about my inability to raise a child or keep a plant alive. 

I raised a child, and I did it well (for the most part). 

As of late I've been taking up focused green thumbing.

There were sunflowers last spring and summer.... 


there have been some succulents...

looking forward to challenging other "truths" I've been telling myself in the coming year. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

looking back

considering my last post was about a weekend that happened a year ago in February... I should probably "say" something. so...

Every other week (give or take) for the last nine months I've spent 50 minutes with a therapist. I've been doing this (and will continue doing this) because honestly I've tired of lugging the baggage of my life behind me, and didn't/don't want to do it anymore. It has not been an easy process and at times has felt awful, sometimes for days afterwards; but I could not be more grateful for the experience today; and am excited for what new revelations are to come.

Recently one of my most favorite singers came out with a new album, and while most people are hearing the song in terms of a love relationship, I prefer to hear it as the singer herself has suggested, "It's a love song to herself..." I can totally relate.