Sunday, April 28, 2013

closing the Face Book Chapter

Lots of friends I met at work
I initially joined because after a few months of people asking and past the point of us notifying people we were moving away from Seattle I concurred it seemed like an easy enough way to stay in touch with our people; the community I built up over the 16 years we had lived in Seattle. Folks I'd met through work (mostly), through kid activities, random events, or mutual friends;  Other Coloradans who had migrated to the NW.  Friendships that carried us along through some challenging times and celebrated with us when the occasion arose; essentially the village that helped raise my daughter for 14 years... 
Life Long "Villagers"
I hadn't expected it but of course, as happens, I did end up connecting with people I had gone to elementary - high school with...
EVEN friended a few folks I met during my 7th grade yr. (living with my grandparents in the South)...

many many moons ago.... 

and it made sense that with my little one turning the corner into teendom, I figured I should have an account so that I could keep an eye on hers (although she has since even grown out of FB and moved onto Tumblr (which I don't have and don't care too)...

it goes by so so fast. 
Then... FB became a tool for connecting with people, and places here in Pittsburgh and wow did I ever connect. The thing that has made all the difference, for me here in terms of assimilatin' n'at, are the people who have brought me into their own communities. The folks who have literally opened their hearts and homes to my entire family - because of that our story in PGH is easily a successful mid-life-quit-our-jobs-move-cross-country experiment.

Pittsburgh Ladies KNOW how to inspire! 
Families, Fun, Friends
I was thinking about the weekend I "swung by da'Burgh" for a weekend two months before we  moved here, and realized all these amazing, talented, loving people were here going on about their lives, and even if inadvertently, making space for us in them. I could not be more grateful.  

You can take the girl out of the Burgh... 
For all this and more yes I have indeed took advantage of Facebook; but I think its usefulness isn't what it used to be. I've used both Flickr and Twitter to assure future interactions with new people who came into my life and for the ones who are already in it, I've decided there are other better methods of keeping those synapses active. One of those being the US Postal System. I LOVE MAIL, real touchable tangible mail. I love receiving and sending it and I feel that given the state of the system I better get my use out of it now, before the whole thing goes kaput.

But you can't take the Burgh out of the Girl!!!! 
There is also email, text, telephone, facetime and or skype, and for some there is even LinkedIn. The kid is nearly off to start her own young adult life, and for those connections I have made which are unable to survive my departure from facebook I can only offer up my appreciation for sharing this strange social network experience with me and wish you all the best.

I'm looking forward, actually, to spending more energy on my hobbies, my mid-life, my honey, LIFE in general. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring a time for chocolate eggs...

If you know me you actually associate me with Cadbury Eggs. I mean let's be real here, there is in fact a Cadbury Egg society, and I am of the very specific ORIGINALs ONLY please and thank you sect. 

Anyways - I actually managed to hoard and ration an entire year's worth of these delightful treats from last year's Season of the Egg. 

I didn't cheat by buying those weird Halloween Eggs (eewww gross) and I did have help with my hoard (thanks mom and bestie). Also - I did find two hidden stashes away from my primary pile (which by the way if you are reading this @poppyminds, I think someone had found); one of which was a box in the upstairs closet and actually had gone bad, and the other was a Plastic Kennywood Cup filled in a storage cabinet - these were probably the best. Tangent: obviously you should store a hoard of Cadbury Eggs in the root cellar. Last but not least... I only bought new eggs from this Season the morning of Easter!!!! 

I don't think I am going to test my resolve again this year, it was an interesting self study in self management. It once again showed me that I can do things when I put my mind to them. 

Working on a few things now... we shall see. In the mean time I've got 3 eggs calling out to me. ;)