Wednesday, June 30, 2010

past present future in less then 2 minutes....

One of the things we've been meaning to do since we moved here is visit a place called Kennywood. Of course because he had been there when he was a kid, the huz wanted to take both the kid and I; but as teens are wont to do, she went ahead without us. Instead going with her friends on the designated day for her school. So after we shipped her off to visit in Seattle and we went on a day date.

It was nostalgic for him, and fun for me (I heart roller coasters). Unfortunately we were too early to ride the newest one which opened a few days after we went; but it will be nicely broken in by the time we try it out. Can't wait to go back with the kid.... now that I've gotten familiar we can better prepare. The pics are all with my new phone, I was sc'red to take the big kahuna camera, but there is always next time.

Jack Rabbit in action, or what I could see of it...

the second dip of the Phantom's Revenge, which goes under the Thunder Bolt

The Phantom's Revenge, I made Michael ride it twice!

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  1. I have to say it won't ever be you and me on those there rides no way no how.

    No matter how much I love you. MOM