Wednesday, March 9, 2011

planes, trains, and automobiles.... even Greyhound on occasion

I love to travel... and I have traveled every which way there is since as long as I can remember.

I started flying solo at a very young age (pre-K), and have always found a certain freedom to being up in the air away from it all. Sometimes just wishing we never had to touch down. Even today with all the hassles involved I still find myself mostly blissed out when the plane is taking off.

Sharing a love of flight with my girlie

Then of course there is the good ol' road trip, and by a road trip I mean at least through three states and overnight; not driving straight through to one's destination, but stopping every so often to photograph America (including the world's largest RubberBand Ball)... Everyone should experience at least one; although with gas prices going the way they are this might be a past time left in the past more and more.

the lure of the black top

I even took a Greyhound from CA to the deep south with my grandmother as a preteen (wish I had pictures from this). I don't know that I would recommend this, but traveling by bus is sometimes a very cheap and easy alternative. I'm thrilled that MegaBus has recently come to Pittsburgh. A fabulously cheap method of travel.

But I think more then anything I LOVE traveling by train, not sure what exactly it is that enthralls me - the history/idea of train travel, the lulling sounds, watching the landscape go by, but when I've had the chance to do it (you have to have more time on your hands) I've jumped on board like a "hobo in Jersey". So next week I am taking the train to Chicago to visit a friend for a mini-vaca. The trip there will be overnight - so not a whole lotta scenery watching, but that's okay. I am just looking forward to escaping a bit of everyday life, seeing a friend, and riding the rails.

Preparing to travel down the West Coast in a totally absurd getup.