Sunday, April 26, 2009

one more weekend slipped away...

only nine weekends left... one of which I will actually be in the 'Burgh. I hope that one is more productive then this one. No boxes packed, nothing purged; I barely even did reg'lur chores.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

People's fates are simplified by their names. ~Elias Canetti

I must admit I am really not looking forward to introducing myself or my daughter (since I already know how the area's accent slaughters her name) in Pittsburgh. I don't even want to fathom the pronunciations, or misspellings or onslaught of questions that will arise when I open my mouth to say, "Hi, my name is Tirzah".

I have coworkers who email me and still spell my name wrong! I remember in the 7th grade when I lived with my grandparents in SC for a year, my science teacher didn't say my name correctly until the very last day of school.

I'm on a mission for nickname, so that in the second half of my life I can be known as ________. Come on people help me out here!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The Last Supper"

Easter Supper that is, here in Seattle. While everyday is the last this day (March 16) or that day (second Tuesday of the fifth month) of living here in Seattle; it is of course much more meaningful on those days that in general are just more meaningful: ie. Easter. Today we celebrated our LAST Easter in Seattle, for a while anyways.

We haven't really done anything more extrordinary then any other Easter and in fact most likely a little less. Instead of a full spread breakfast, Michael just made Egg McMikey Muffins with bacon; it was filling and tasty all the same. HFG didn't get to find her Easter Basket; the Easter Bunny couldn't find it either amongst the holiday storage crates (I am desperatly hoping it is just packed away very well or I will be sad); but she was still surprised and thrilled with the Easter spread she found instead. We spent more of our time doing chores / projects then Eastery things... but then what are Eastery things when you aren't a church goer? It was a nice enough day: a fire crackled in the living room, sweets and savorys were there for the pickin', and we all knew we were loved.

In a way some of these "lasts" are also the lasts of HFG's childhood, Easter will be different next year, it won't be just the three of us having a mellow day all day together in our little cocoon. There will be family on both sides, we may even be the ones hosting. HFG will nearly be 15 and most likely wanting nothing to do with us, the Easter Bunny, or any of the family in the living room.
But today is ours, just the three of us... the sun has come out, we went to one of our favorite places and it is good. I will always remember today...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"It is good to practice life before embarking upon it" M.Dherin

I've said before that until Michael and I purchased our bedroom suite of furniture, I'd always felt like we were playing house. You know the scene: teenagers in health class get a fake baby doll that cries, and poops; except our doll actually kept on growing and is now a teenager herself, and we weren't actually teenagers, although not far from it at 21 and 23.

I'm not sure about Michael, but sometimes I feel like I've just been stumbling through from one day to the next... not really intending anything but to get from A to B each day. Now I finally feel like I'm not practicing anymore. I'm making decisions from a place of maturity and experience and intention. I'm choosing a life with my husband and we're considering the future and how we need to be prepared to help our daughter become the young woman she is growing in to.

We're embarking on the life we've been practicing all these years~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

leaning tower of boxes

Moving annually is not uncommon for me, even within the same city. Until the year Michael and I got married; at which point we moved into a place where we ended up living for the last five years. In fact where I live now is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my entire life (another entry I’m sure)!

For this reason I normally hang on to boxes from a move, which Michael finds completely irritating (until he needs a box); but this last time I was only allowed to hang on to boxes for so long until it was clear we weren’t going anywhere soon. And of course Michael never let me keep any boxes when we purchased something that came in a box (IE. the flat screen - he's going to regret that when we have to box that thang up).

So here I am three months before the move hoarding boxes… in fact my office is beginning to look like a U-Haul store or the shipping dept at work; and there is a tall towering box version of Jenga in our living room. Everyone knows the best boxes come from office buildings (not liquor stores): there’s the copy paper boxes, computer boxes, and monitor boxes, and there are always just random boxes people leave laying around from shopping they've done on the internet and had shipped to work. Of course, I’m claiming these with neon post-its, and people are randomly throwing them in front of my door when I’m not around.

Now I just need to start packing all those boxes... giant sharpie, tape gun here I come!