Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The Last Supper"

Easter Supper that is, here in Seattle. While everyday is the last this day (March 16) or that day (second Tuesday of the fifth month) of living here in Seattle; it is of course much more meaningful on those days that in general are just more meaningful: ie. Easter. Today we celebrated our LAST Easter in Seattle, for a while anyways.

We haven't really done anything more extrordinary then any other Easter and in fact most likely a little less. Instead of a full spread breakfast, Michael just made Egg McMikey Muffins with bacon; it was filling and tasty all the same. HFG didn't get to find her Easter Basket; the Easter Bunny couldn't find it either amongst the holiday storage crates (I am desperatly hoping it is just packed away very well or I will be sad); but she was still surprised and thrilled with the Easter spread she found instead. We spent more of our time doing chores / projects then Eastery things... but then what are Eastery things when you aren't a church goer? It was a nice enough day: a fire crackled in the living room, sweets and savorys were there for the pickin', and we all knew we were loved.

In a way some of these "lasts" are also the lasts of HFG's childhood, Easter will be different next year, it won't be just the three of us having a mellow day all day together in our little cocoon. There will be family on both sides, we may even be the ones hosting. HFG will nearly be 15 and most likely wanting nothing to do with us, the Easter Bunny, or any of the family in the living room.
But today is ours, just the three of us... the sun has come out, we went to one of our favorite places and it is good. I will always remember today...

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  1. sweet, glad you enjoyed. Love that happy bunny! :)