Sunday, April 5, 2009

"It is good to practice life before embarking upon it" M.Dherin

I've said before that until Michael and I purchased our bedroom suite of furniture, I'd always felt like we were playing house. You know the scene: teenagers in health class get a fake baby doll that cries, and poops; except our doll actually kept on growing and is now a teenager herself, and we weren't actually teenagers, although not far from it at 21 and 23.

I'm not sure about Michael, but sometimes I feel like I've just been stumbling through from one day to the next... not really intending anything but to get from A to B each day. Now I finally feel like I'm not practicing anymore. I'm making decisions from a place of maturity and experience and intention. I'm choosing a life with my husband and we're considering the future and how we need to be prepared to help our daughter become the young woman she is growing in to.

We're embarking on the life we've been practicing all these years~

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