Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seattle Love for Pittsburgh...

I was doing my usual clicking around on the interwebulars this morning and came across a blog from one of the Seattle weeklies and came across a bit about a Pittsburgh food place. I am super excited now, because my dear friend Monica, who is a foodie, will be visiting me at the end of July. I think we should check this out:

Seattle Weekly Voracious

"But really, it's the small, strange details that really give a place (and a scene) character. And now, Pittsburgh has this: Conflict Kitchen, a restaurant (well, a hole-in-the-wall, really--a literal hole in a wall) that serves, on a rotating basis, only foods from places where the U.S. is currently having a war. Or maybe threatening to have a war, considering that it opened and is going through its first iteration as an Iranian restaurant and, unless I missed something on CNN this morning, I don't believe we are currently in a shooting war with Iran.

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