Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why not get in at the bottom...

I'm a little obsessed right now with where we might live, work, go to school, hike, camp, grocery shop, when we move to Western PA; and so whenever I see any article, news story, weather info, etc. about the haps in the area I must immediatly read it, watch it, ingest it, process it...

So.. I came across this on my daily troll of

and now I am obsessed. Then I found out he was even on The Colbert Report:

I mention this all to Michael, who promptly says something to the effect of that would be like living in ___________ (insert your own "Other Side of the tracks" location, for me that would be Pueblo, or maybe even Canon City). I'm not sure why though this doesn't bother me. It excites me.

Maybe because it's a microcosmic version of the state of the nation, and I want to contribute to what can be, and not what was.

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