Tuesday, May 5, 2009

not a girl scout thing

I am headed , solo style, to the 'Burgh on Saturday for a lil' look see and what have you, before I continue on to a work conference in DC.

Initially the huz was going with me so we could check it out together, but plans change, life happens.... now I am headed east on my own. I admit to being a little happy about the chance to see my new home through my own eyes; the guy has a tattoo of the area code on his leg for cryin' out lawd. What little I've seen is from the point of a passenger driving along I-376 on our way to Ligonier, PA; and the one night at Station Square with a trip up the Monongahela Incline.

The idea of driving 'round random neighborhoods with no paticular destination, no choice but to take a route I know nothing about is enchanting. There are "paths" we travel in Seattle so often that when Michael is in the driver's seat I can close my eyes and envision exactly where we are along the way.
to be able to go here, there, everywhere, anywhere, nowhere

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