Saturday, August 22, 2009

maybe it was penance…

So sure the house we passed up was clean, but that was about all it had going for it vs. the house we chose which had everything, but being clean; and not just to my standards but honestly to any civilized human being standards. Even the plumber who had to be called in the first week had said when he had been to the house before he thought the people who inhabited the place "lived like animals". UGH, maybe I didn't need to know that much.

Supposedly each tenant needs to have the carpets cleaned upon move out, but after vacuuming up two bags full of dirt; I called the landlady to arrange for a house call by Rug Doctor© free of charge (to us anyway), which she did; even they were kinda grossed out. The beautiful subway tiling in one of the bathrooms was dingy and grey until me and my friends: bleach and scrub brush came in. And I will only say about the kitchen that I spent approx. three hours on the floor alone. Eee gads. Not to mention when I went to wipe some primer off the celing in the dining room I realized I would be spending some time Michelangelo style with a rag and some Simple Green© up there. But in the end it has still been worth it, and I am grateful that I had the time to clean and make the place shine a little brighter. Sure, it’s an older home, and will never be sparkly like some slapped together new construction, but it is solid, it has character and it suits us.

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