Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I heart street art

not the first bald man I saw but a bald man nonetheless

Anyone who knows me well knows I love street art. I think I always grooved on it, but at some point I became sort of obsessed with it. The catalyst for that obsession was "Bald Man". Once upon a time when we lived in Interbay (a neighborhood of Seattle) we would drive through this one intersection almost every day and every single time our daughter would proclaim "The Bald Man is watching us." Finally we asked what she was talking about, and she pointed out this piece of art hanging high on a telephone pole of exactly that... a Bald Man... and on his big bald head it said, "Bald Man is watching you". After that I started seeing him everywhere. Then I started seeing pieces by other artists. It was one of the things at the top of my "I'm really going to miss that about Seattle" list... and I didn't know what I would find here in the 'Burgh.

Just some of what you might find in Seattle

Let me just say nothing could have squashed my excitement when I was driving down a hill and around a bend and came "face to face" with one of my most favorite artists from Seattle - Chicken Kid.

two Chix kids in Seattle, and two in Pittsburgh

At that point I was obsessed with finding more of him around town, and I am thrilled to say I have. BUT I have also found local artists to keep an eye out for; although I was deeply saddened to hear one of them had passed away last summer. Knowing what is out there is the last of his stuff, I know I won't capture it all, but when I do I cherish it.

R.I.P. Kids


On a side note I have created a bit of an homage to my Seattle street artist friends, which started with an amazing going away present from my Seattle co-workers a giant Bald Man piece, who looks over us as we "compute" in the home office.

a "collage" I made with picture of a starhead boy piece (thanks E)
and a little old man who fell off a sign when I took his picture, so I took him home

OvO... one of my FAVORITES

the gift of Bald Man

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