Monday, October 8, 2012

I need a Pittsburgh calendar...

that reminds me of things like...
  • Mr. Rogers Birthday
  • Steeler's Opening Game (although there is usually a week's notice on that one, I'm just not paying attention)
  • Light Up Night
but more importantly like... 

Our celebration was small, and admittedly a bit commercial (next year I will be prepared with legit Pittsburgh locally made pierogis; although in my defense, Mrs. T's were the first pierogis I ever had). 


I just like saying and eating pierogis.

I love that my grocery store actually has a sign for them, does yours? 

I remember the first time I had Mrs. T's.... on Capitol Hill in Seattle, over 17 years ago. 

of course with real bacon bits. 

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  1. PS. Mrs. T's did not always have all those flavors, and I am not sure they sell those elsewhere in the country. They probably feel they have to compete. I mean if you have ever had a prune piergoie... you've died and gone to heaven.