Tuesday, April 29, 2014

so this is going to happen....

hopefully. if I train properly....

from here it looks so managable
and still I think I can do this
Little more than a month after registration was opened, the limit was reached. And there are already those on the wait list. So how many people is this limited to you might ask... 600. Some folks wait the morning of the challenge to get a spot, if at the end someone has just not shown up (because they woke up and said, "Uh uh, no way no how").

Thankfully there are awesome volunteers who run training hikes. I am doing all but one, scheduling conflicts and all; hoping doing so will contribute to my successful completion of the full challenge.

It was a real challenging winter, and I am grateful to have this event to keep me focused on brighter days (the actual challenge is on the Summer Solstice). Training requires me to eat better, exercise, and take care of myself - all things which help beat the blues (any time of year).

The other awesome benefit of doing this is developing a friendship with a woman who I admire, respect, and laughs with me. 
first steps on first training hike
first major dahn'ill
my ma's encouraging spirit is with me always
the edge
the bottom of the above edge
one of many vistas
rust bucket in the back hills
I think we interrupted some courting "love birds"
another lovely vista
sometimes you just hear the trains, and sometimes you see them
not bad, documenting where to put my band-aids next time

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