Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spending the holidays with family

My In-Laws, aka. Nana and Pappy.
The youngest of the human children, Bob,
and the youngest of the pet children, Callie.

Two Brothers

Nana and Pappy's furry children: L to R: Sam, Dominique, and "Little" Poppy.

Huntyr, Aunt Cil, and Michael.

Uncle Izzy and I.

(L to R) My Husband's Great Aunt's son-in-law's Mother,
My Husband's Great Aunt Cil, and Gladys (in the blue).
My Mom and Me on Christmas morning.

My mom the baker, and my uncle who is trying
to impress his big sister with all the bread he baked;
also Trudy's youngest daughter and youngest son.

My Uncle's teenagers and My teenager,
I think that makes them second cousins.
These two were born approximatly 6 months apart.
Huntyr and, Max.
Huntyr and Michael have a bonding moment at my Uncle's house.
Pictures with Gramie before she leaves to go back to Maine.


  1. great shots!
    Huntyr is so cute---looks like you guys all had a great time. We had a great but low key Christmas. Then made up for it the night after...Harold's birthday! Cheers to 2010!

  2. You look great and like you had fun- Huntyr too! :)