Sunday, January 24, 2010

disconnectedly connected

Recently my mom sent me an article about undivided attention vs. on-line attention (especially as it pertains to parenting and the younger generations). Shortly thereafter I had some experiences both online and off that were reflective of the points made in the article.

The thing is I will admit to being a bit of a computer junkie, with a focus on being on-line: Flickr, Facebook, Blogging, emailing, news, woot, chatting. Interestingly enough, two of the people I do connect with through the aforementioned mechanisms is my mother (she did email me an article I am blogging about), as well as my daughter (Facebook a little, email, chat some, blogging occasionally). I started to worry about my ability to connect with others and listen to them... and consciously listen...

In the past week on several occasions during my bus commute I was sitting next to someone who by all appearances wouldn't have much of anything in common with me... but in fact after engaging with them I inevitably found something we could both understand: an emotion, a place, a perception. And these commonalities weren't just your average everyday sort of commonalities, but themes that have run deep through out my life. It was fulfilling, and serendipitous to say the least.
Concurrently there have been some instances where someone thought we had a connection and we don't, both on-line and off. These moments were fraught with anxiety.

I think I've processed the uncomfortable moments and made peace with them; but those moments that were good, and powerful... those are the connections I am going to continue to plug into: on-line and off.

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  1. Loved this post. Being a bit of a techno-junkie (read: blackberry) myself, I have been recently concerned for my well being in this regard. I recently committed to find "moments" (which I define as destinct times of being totally 100% present) each day. I especially like your connection to going "off-line" and serendipity. That's the juice for me - those magical moments of connection in serendipity. Thanks for creating a moment for me today...