Sunday, January 17, 2010

six months in....

I can say there are some things I may have done differently if I had been given the choice; but everything happens for a reason.

I would have gladly gone without the last three months professionaly; but it is what it is and I will acknowledge I learned a thing or two through that experience. Now though, I am going to get back on track and begin the business of doing what I said I wanted to do; working back at the University of Pittsburgh will help out with that.

I would not change where we live, I am still happy with our living quarters. Other than no garage, it's durn near perfect. for now anyways. I am looking forward to spring... I am pretty sure there will be lots of chirping in the trees all around.

HFG continues to do as well if not better then any 14 1/2 yr. old I've ever known; who was ripped from their life and everything they've mostly ever known.

The huz is who he always is... the rock; with mad skillz in the kitchen. Thank heavens for him.

The dog still loves the yard, and is happy as ever.

As much as I am trying to be in the moment, I admit to wondering what the next six months will be like.... and where we will be on the one year anniversary of arriving home.

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  1. And think you were so ready but so scared. Things are turning out really well!!! :)