Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two years ago living in enemy territory vs. this year living in the Homeland

We lived in Seattle when the Steelers were last in the Super Bowl (and since defeating the Seahawks in their first Super Bowl, there aren't a lot of Pittsburgh fans in the Emerald City); I even had one friend hope that if they lost we would take that as a sign not to move (except they won, and we would have moved even if they'd lost).

In Seattle we stayed home and watched, a quiet Sunday afternoon. Every now and then the kid would pop in, but otherwise nary a party really.

Living in the Burgh with our absurdly large tv and cozy home we hosted a few friends, and a few of their friends... and had ourselves quite the little party.

The game, the beer, the food (traditional Kilbasi and Kraut), the kids in miniature jerseys, the black and gold popcorn in the souvenir tin, the Terrible Towels, Black and Gold every which way, a Steel Tahn Flag... Sure the game was a loss, but fun times with friends and memories were made and that's the best part for me.

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  1. So how many terrible towels were in the house? Love that you are feeling HOME!