Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"wrap it up"

tomorrow, (maybe today, possibly yesterday or weeks gone by when you read this), as I type this... will be my last day in my most current professional post. I would say, for reasons not necessary here, I am not hiding my pleasure at this end point in time. There are few sad things about this, but everything that was/is good will be available to me after Thursday, June 30, 2011.

I have a vague idea of what will happen, despite the particulars being unclear at this exact moment. I am not worried. Having been in Pittsburgh for two years now, I feel much more capable of coping with change, thanks in part to developing a network and support system.

It may be summer, but the sun is setting on the game I've had to play for the last 11 months... and I am looking forward to whatever happens next; starting sometime after tomorrow at 5:00 PM (maybe today, possibly yesterday or weeks gone by when you read this)...


  1. In perfect alignment with You and the Eclipse~ What adventure awaits!

  2. Cheers to you, sister! For sticking it out, for a job well done in a difficult (eh hem) situation, and for seeing it through. Put a bright, colorful bow on it when you're done wrapping it up, be thankful for what you learned or gained from the experience, and then kiss it goodbye. Enjoy the calm (or exciting bliss) of the aftermath, drink a glass of tasty red wine (my preference, but something fruity would certainly be acceptable) and enjoy the breathing space before your next adventure begins. Team "deconstructing doubt" virtual HUG coming your way! ;)